Alibaba Hookah and Cafe

Alibaba Café and Restaurant is a family owned business, which was established by the owner Alex in 2004. Alex was born in Egypt and the first person to introduce hookah to American people in far 1992 with the dream of keeping the Egyptian tradition alive. Alibaba was named after the youngest of four sons of Alex, whose name is Ali. “Baba” in Arabic mean father, so the father of Ali became the father of American hookah. The owner has contributed a significant amount of effort in the decoration of Alibaba having as a prototype the Ancient Egypt with authentic food and the best quality of hookah.
The vast success in hookah business provided the opportunity for collecting the best products from all over the world and importing them to America. Now Alibaba, Inc has established a store, which carries a wide variety of Middle-Eastern groceries, hookahs and tobacco products as well as souvenirs.
Alibaba Café and Restaurant welcomes people from all different cultures and provides the opportunity to experience a magical Arabic night.